Word Magick

Tell Your Story

The magic of your brand is YOU….

Your brand is as unique as you are, and smart businesses inherently understand that a brand is created not just on products, services and processes, but people.

Once you have the right people on your team, your brand magically evolves into a personality, or character, all of its own.

Your brand has beliefs, likes and dislikes, a moral compass, and a way of communicating to others that should instantly captivate your target audience, or tribe. Just like a dramatic character in an ongoing series, while your brand may benefit from a revamp now and again, ultimately its message, or personality, must remain consistent throughout its life, in order to retain trust, interest and loyalty.

The words you use to explain the ethos, quality and culture of your business are therefore crucially important.

Who do you most want to attract?

How does your company make people’s bad days better?
What are the priorities and motivations of your ideal client?
If your brand could speak, what would it most want to say?
How do you establish trust and instantly show that you are on the same page as your client?

Too many businesses assume that giving their target audience the impression that they are a huge, highly functional machine is the best way to establish trust and convey stability…not fully understanding that marketing has changed. Even some of the largest and most successful corporations in the world are changing their tactics completely, understanding that people respond to people, to stories, to the emotions inspired by a brand that retains the feel of a small, close-knit company no matter how much of the market share it owns.

Hiring a quality copywriter who truly understands, voice, character, and the preoccupations and desires of your ideal client is essential to starting the conversation right the first time, and creating an atmosphere of trust, longevity and expertise.

“Most likely the best Copywriter in the world”

Helyn ConnerrInternational Author and Speaker