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About me

My name is Anastasja, and I am a heavyweight Copywriter – which means I have more than ten years’ total experience of writing for a specific audience either in jobs and study I’ve done, or in my own business, which I started in 2014.

What makes me different?

I’m obsessed with words – just like every Copywriter you meet should be! My idea of fun as a child was to read a huge, old fashioned dictionary for hours along with anything else I could get my hands on. It didn’t make me particularly (well…at all) popular, if I’m honest! But it did form the basis of a lifelong passion for the beauty of perfect syntax and how words can stir our emotions, create pictures in our minds and tap into the collective consciousness of the whole tragic, messy, hilarious and joy filled human experience. Powerful words stay with us for our whole lives, which is why it is so important to find the right ones. If you want timeless copy you can use for the lifetime of your business, that continually brings people back to your company vision and has a voice of its own, let’s start the conversation.

I understand and LOVE business, and if you love your business, I am likely to get just as excited about it as you. I am a SFEDI accredited Business Advisor and also have a part time role as a Manager of an amazing organisation I am just as passionate about as my own business. Not only do I understand the vital role words play in your marketing strategy, I also understand, and care, about what makes a business truly great. For me, the process of working with you isn’t just the writing part…it is helping you to crystallise and build upon what makes your business unique, so you can create stories and language that will express your brand for the lifetime of your company.

I have a first class degree in Creative Writing, in which I specialised in writing for the stage – giving me a rock solid understanding of character, structure, voice, ruthless editing and the most important question of all: why should we care?

Consciously or unconsciously, I apply the principles of theatre to every single piece of writing I create, and I use it to bring the magic of your business to life.

“Most likely the best Copywriter in the world”

Helyn ConnerrInternational Author and Speaker